TPRC 2024 YAMLScript Talks Ingy Page

TPRC 2024 Ingy's YAMLScript Talks Info

This web page has info to help you follow along with the YAMLScript talks at The Perl and Raku Conference 2024 in Las Vegas.

Quick Links for YAMLScript

Contact Ingy döt Net

Quick Install For ys and

YS works on Linux and macOS. Not on Windows yet.

Install ys and (in ~/.local/bin and ~/.local/lib):

curl -s | bash

Run that as root installs under PREFIX=/usr/local.

Install into different directory ... | PREFIX=/other/dir bash. Install specific version ... | VERSION=0.1.xx bash.

Install from Source

If the quick install has problems, you can usually get it to work by building from source.

git clone
cd yamlscript
make install

The only dependencies are git, curl, bash and make. Also a libz-dev package is required on Linux.

Install the Language Modules

cpanm YAMLScript
zef install YAMLScript
pip install yamlscript
npm install @yaml/yamlscript
gem install yamlscript

Also you'll need to have installed. See above.