About YAMLScript

YAMLScript is a new programming language that uses YAML as its syntax.

It can be easily embedded into your YAML files to make them dynamic at load time. YAMLScript is also a complete, functional, general purpose language with a mature collection of external libraries that can be used for any number of programming tasks.

Most existing YAML files (and all JSON files) are already valid YAMLScript programs. You can process YAML/YAMLScript files with the ys CLI program or load them from your favorite programming language using a YAMLScript loader library/module.

YAMLScript currently has working loader libraries for: Clojure, Go, Java, Julia, NodeJS, Perl, Python, Raku, Ruby and Rust. It has binary releases for ys and libyamlscript that you can install with:

$ curl https://yamlscript.org/install | bash

YAMLScript Status

YAMLScript is currently a fully functional programming language, but the v0 API has not yet been declared stable. A stable v0 API is planned for Q2 2024. Once the v0 API is declared stable, it will always remain backwards compatible.

About Ingy döt Net

Ingy is one of the creators and the lead maintainer of the YAML data language.

He is the primary designer and implementor of the YAMLScript programming language.

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